Our Grass fed and finished free range Cattle farm. Set in the heart of Meredith, NY, 3 hours from New York City, Stonewall Pastures ranges over 1700 acres of protected Nature, spread across forests, grassland and ponds.

It is a haven of Life where the hands of men have created a world of harmony. A world in which a balanced Nature helps you refocus.

It is a timeless place where every cycle, every moment is content with following that of the seasons and of nature.

Grass Fed Red Angus at Stonewall Pastures
Grass Fed Red Angus at Stonewall Pastures
Herd of Grass Fed Red Angus at Stonewall Pastures
Herd of Grass Fed Red Angus at Stonewall Pastures

Stonewall Pastures is a 1700 acre farm located in Delhi, NY. We raise free range grass fed and finished cattle, heritage breed pigs, chickens, and ducks. We also have a herd of retired horses as well as a petting zoo with goats, our mascot cow Missy and a gentle donkey named Jilly.



Established in 2009 by Ron Cieri Stonewall Pastures was the beginning of The Stonewall Group properties. Whats in a name? The Stonewall name pays homage from Cieri’s Grandfather, an immigrant, from Italy who made a living building stone walls in and around Boston area.

Ron Cieri, a west point grad, who served in the military, went on to wall street and gave it all up to cattle farm. In 2009 Ron purchased an 800 acre working farm in the Catskills. Over the next decade Ron more than doubled the size of the original farm and animals on it. Developing a working relationship with the watershed and other sustainable organizations ensures the land, water and other natural resources are protected while maximizing the nutritional value of his rolling pastures that feed our animals.

Ron, a full loving, free spirited cowboy loved his Catskills lifestyle so much he wanted to share it with the world. Thus, the beginning of the hospitality business.

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